Plastic buckets, a large metal saucepan and a supply of dry-roast peanuts  were all that were needed to begin an adventure in brewing, which Steve and Jason did, sharing the (variable) results with friends and family.

Three years later and with more than 80 recipes tried (and tested) they were ready to step it up a gear.

The farmyard shed was abandoned, city centre premises were acquired, equipment constructed and installed and a new Worcester City brewery - The Sociable Beer Company came kicking and screaming into the world.

Keith joined the friends to help create the new brand, the  company name reflecting the philosophy of the enthusiast brewers -  there is always time to have a sociable beer alongside a roomful of friends.



Steve Tromans

Head Brewer

Brewing started as a hobby but has developed further than I could have ever imagined - I love developing new recipes


Jason Clines

Director of Fun

I love beer and music equally and the combination of both even more! I play in a band and enjoy drinking beer with friends which makes this job one of the best in the world!


Keith Duddy

Sales & Marketing Director

An ex TV producer and now marketing guru, it's great to be selling something that makes people happy for a change - Beer makes people happy.


Grace Langley

Marketing Assistant

I am the poster of posts and the blogger of blogs, bringing you news of great events, new and exciting beers and gossip from backstage at the brewery!


These are early pictures of our new brewery. Most of the equipment was made for us in a factory in Slovenia, the vessels are a bespoke size in order to fit into the building.

If you look at the picture (r)  looking from right to left, you can see The Kettle (for boiling wort and hops), The Mash Tun (which stews the barley), The Hot Liquor Tank (which stores water for mashing), The Cold Liquor Tank (stores cold water to pass through the heat exchanger) and finally, Two Fermenters (which ferment and condition the wort to produce the beer).

It's a big step up from the roots of the business, which had a total capacity of about 70 pints - each of these fermenters is capable of holding 1300 litres - that's almost 2300 pints!

There are six regular beers that we brew - Bash, Shindig, Blow Out, Wingding, Bunfight and Hootenanny - all slang names for social events.

If you visit us any Thursday or Friday, there will always be at least four of these favourites as well as 10 other guest beers and ciders to try.

Brewery Internal